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Life wasn’t meant to be a pain

Back PainHave you grown frustrated with ongoing pain that keeps you awake at night, restricts your movement or affects your ability to perform at work? Does pain inhibit your leisure time and prevent you from spending quality time with family and friends?

We can help, whether you are suffering from a sporting injury, workplace injury, overuse injury or if your pain is a result of long term physical practices. Our commitment to you is to relieve pain, retrain movement & restore function.

Relieve pain

Encouraging your body, muscles and joints back into good working order is our aim, so that you may live pain-free and enjoy the freedom of easy mobility.

Philip Wood's Active PhysiotherapyRetrain movement

Movement plays such an important role in people’s lives. Philip Wood Physiotherapy aims to work with you in rehabilitating  your body to maximise injury prevention. We are concerned with lasting results, not quick fixes.

Restore function

We aim to improve and restore function that may have been lost through injury, illness or post surgery. We provide a total care plan to restore movement and help you achieve good health and fitness so that you can enjoy life.

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