fit4twoThese low intensity, low impact classes are aimed at reclaiming health & fitness for new mothers through movement and strengthening exercises.

Under the expert guidance of a Physiotherapist, FIT4TWO addresses the issue of weakened pelvic floor muscles that result from childbirth, with the aim of getting you safely and sensibly back in shape. Classes provide ongoing education amidst a support network of new mums in a small group format (max 8 per class).

FIT4TWO classes are designed so mum & baby can come along together – there is plenty of room for capsules, strollers and rockers! If your baby is restless, we can show you how to incorporate your baby into your exercise regime or help resettle babies if you would prefer some much needed time out. Groups are kept small for personal progression and all exercises are tailored to individual needs.


Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope Gardens

Day & Time

Tuesday, 10.30am & Friday, 9.15am

Is your body ready for postnatal exercise?

Generally, it is recommended that women wait about 6 weeks before starting exercises, longer if they have had a Caesarian Section. Everyone heals at different rates though and you can commence exercising once your Obstetrician/GP/Midwife completes a post natal examination and approves exercise.

Initial Assessment

It is important that you see one of our physiotherapists for an initial assessment prior to commencing classes, to understand your postpartum body and any restrictions or injuries that need to be considered in your new exercise plan. Cost of this assessment is $40 (if you are in a Private Health Fund, we will accept your Health Fund Rebate as full and final payment).

Cost of Classes

$125* for 5 consecutive classes (if you wish to continue beyond 5 classes, you will need to purchase a new pack of 5 classes at the end of your 4th session to ensure your position in the class is secure).

* Some Health Funds offer rebates for exercise classes – please check with your Fund.