It’s that time of year again when everyone is setting out New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately it won’t be long until the majority of people start breaking them. There are many reasons why New Year Resolutions don’t stick – they may be unrealistic, there is a lack of self-discipline or life gets “too busy”. Our New Year resolution is all about you and what we can do to make 2018 a healthy and pain-free year for you. Our goal is to not only maintain but also to improve the high standard of care you’ve experienced with us.

As part of our resolution, we are going to teach you how to live a healthy, pain-free life. Your success is ours, and we are committed to your health and well-being.

In many cases there is more than one factor contributing to your pain, especially if it is recurrent or has been there for a long time. Often getting rid of your pain is the easy part. Stopping it from coming back is the real challenge. We provide you with lasting freedom from pain, so your treatment program will include specific techniques and exercises that correct the underlying cause of your problems, not just give you temporary relief.

2018 Health & Well-Being Tips

  • A physical fitness and injury assessment evaluation is the best thing you can do to keep yourself healthy and pain-free in 2018
  • Tailored exercise programs keep you working on your recovery between treatment sessions – these may include stretches, strengthening and core stability, and are especially important in minimising the risk of your problems returning in the future
  • Lifestyle factors such as desk posture and exercise activities may need to be adjusted to help you recover
  • When lifting objects, it is essential you use the correct technique (as instructed by your physiotherapist) so that you can protect your back
  • When exercising, monitor your technique, breathing pattern, and range of motion during each repetition
  • Maintain an upright posture and practice postural awareness exercises at regular intervals throughout the day
  • Make it a habit to stretch at regular intervals while at work

Now it’s your turn to make 2018 a healthy and pain-free year!