Tennis Elbow

What is a tennis elbow?
Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis is a condition where tears occur on the tendon attached to the outside of the elbow.

What causes tennis elbow?
Tennis elbow is generally caused by overuse or repeated pressure on the tendons near the elbow, particularly through repetitive use of the muscles in the forearm. It is not always caused by playing tennis but can be aggravated by a variety of sports including rowing, swimming and hockey as well as repetitive tasks performed at work.

What are the symptoms?
Symptoms can include pain when shaking hands, turning a door handle, making a fist or opening up your fingers. Symptoms can also include a dull ache at rest, weak grip as well as decreased strength and flexibility at the elbow.

How can physiotherapy help?
Physiotherapy for tennis elbow is aimed at reducing pain and restoring function and strength. A physiotherapist will take a detailed history and perform a physical assessment to work out the cause of your pain and understand the contributing factors.

A treatment plan may include rest from aggravating activities, soft tissue massage, ultrasound, ergonomic intervention, stretches and exercises to improve strength and flexibility. Taping or prescription of an appropriate brace may also be suggested.