Our Professionals

Phil Wood & Catriona Wood – Directors

Philip Wood Physiotherapy was founded in 1995 with a mission to help those in our community enjoy life without pain or limitations. Phil’s solid clinical background and Catriona’s business experience provided the perfect partnership to establish a business dedicated to reaching patients with the highest quality of care and personalised service.

As Principal Physiotherapist and with more than 30 years’ experience, Phil is passionate about healing patients with a wide range of conditions, from minor musculoskeletal injuries to acute injuries and chronic diseases. He enjoys the diversity and challenges of a varied case load and is constantly revising new techniques and treatment approaches to ensure Philip Wood Physiotherapy remains focused on evidenced based results.

Catriona spent many years as a consultant in the corporate world before transferring her skills of efficiency, problem-solving and leadership to the patient environment. In addition to her role as Business Manager, Catriona is a staunch advocate for choice and control when it comes to individual patient care and is passionate about educating patients, particularly those under third party arrangements. She is equally zealous when it comes to pre and post-natal care and regularly speaks at community events and programs.