Recovery from injury or surgery can often be difficult when painful joints and muscles have to take the full weight of your body. Working in warm water provides an environment where muscles in spasm often relax and reduced body weight makes it possible to complete exercises, strengthen muscles and move joints without pain. This is particularly good for neurological conditions, shoulder pain, back and neck problems, arthritic conditions and post-operative rehabilitation including spinal surgery and knee or hip replacements. Hydrotherapy can also be useful in managing pain in multiple body parts, or in situations where there is widespread weakness and deconditioning.

Philip Wood Physiotherapy’s qualified physiotherapists conduct one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions at Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope Gardens. Using the resistance or the buoyancy of the water, the exercise programs are varied in difficulty according to the specific needs of each patient.

Our programs also offer a helpful alternative for those with mobility difficulties. We include a wide range of equipment including flotation devices and water weights and utilise a water wheelchair and ramp when required.