There is nothing more exciting than a long awaited vacation to some exotic destination! However, long haul flights can take their toll on your body. Here are some simple tips to make sure you arrive at your destination happy and healthy.

Lift well

Ensure your bag has wheels. When you need to lift your bag, take care to hold it close to your body and avoid twisting. Use a trolley to move your luggage if you have multiple pieces. Pack lightly where possible.

Sit well

Try and maintain good posture in your seat. Use a small pillow behind your lower back to provide a little extra support. A neck cushion can provide support for your neck when you are sleeping.

Move well

Every half hour, get your muscles moving. Circle your feet and pump your ankles. Contract and relax your leg and bottom muscles. Roll your shoulders and gently stretch your neck. Periodically stand and walk up and down the aisle.

Drink well

Ensuring adequate fluid intake and avoiding excessive alcohol (along with performing simple ankle pump exercises) is recommended to help prevent DVT.

Travel safely and enjoy your holiday!